Root Canal Vs. Teeth Extraction: Which Is Better?

When teeth hurt, it hurts. It is one of those things that everyone knows to be true. It hurts a lot in the mouth, is hard to eat, and hurts when your tongue or food touches that sore tooth. We’ve all been there, so we go to the dentist to feel better.

When a dead tooth or an infection deep in the gums and roots of a tooth is causing pain, you know you are in big trouble. The fix won’t be easy, and it might take a while to get things okay again.

We see many people with terrible tooth problems at Solomon Kids Dentistry. People come to us in the worst pain and want help right away. Root canal treatment may not be as easy as pulling a tooth, but it is often the better choice.

Let’s look at when you should get a root canal instead of having a tooth pulled in this post to help you.