Organic Bilona Gir Cow Ghee & A2 Cow milk Delivery in Nagpur

In Nagpur, Shiv Organic farms have been serving desi cow milk made from pure A2 Gir Cow. In order to guarantee the highest possible quality for you, the milk has been delivered directly to your residence from our dairy farm without the use of any middlemen and under our close supervision. Our farm in Nagpur provides the Gir cows with a clean and polluted environment. They consume organic grass and vegetables and consume purified water. They avoid having their food or water tainted in any way. You are getting exactly what we refer to as purity because they are not injected with any vaccination, such as oxytocin or BST, in order to produce more milk. The milk that comes from Desi (NOT HYBRID) Gir cows is known as A2 Milk. It has an A2 type of protein, which is a naturally occurring protein that comes from Desi cows and is very nutritious and easy to digest.