Node.js best practices to follow while practicing Node.js development

"Node.js is a popular framework used for full-stack development. Node.js developers also use this framework for quick and performant app development. However, implementing Node.js best practices is necessary while working with Node.js. Here are some of the top practices every Node developer should follow:
– Use asynchronous functions to handle I/O operations
– Use module.exports and require to manage dependencies
– Use environment variables to store sensitive information
– Use the latest LTS version of Node.js
– Use error-first callbacks to handle errors
– Use npm scripts to automate tasks
– Use a process manager like PM2 to manage Node.js applications in production
– Use ES6 features like const, let, and arrow functions
– Avoid blocking the event loop with long-running processes
– Use a linter like ESLint to enforce coding standards."