Navigating The Road Safety Crisis In Developing Countries

Increase in population is one of the main causes of road accidents. The surge in population has not only resulted in a growing Automotive industry but also extensive use of vehicles, leading to an increased pressure on bettering road infrastructure.

According to WHO, globally, road rages result in approximately 1.19 million fatal accidents while leaving 20-50 million people with non-fatal injuries. 9 in 10 fatalities occur among the Lower Income Country (LIC) and Middle Income Countries (MIC), even though these countries have around 60% of the world’s vehicles. In addition the most affected in these countries are children and young adults in the age group of 5-29 years. Globally 53% of road traffic accidents involve the vulnerable road users like pedestrians, cyclists, and motor cyclists. India- which is the most populous country in the world is struggling to enforce road safety law on its citizens.