France's Attention Turns to Shein Amid Fast Fashion Focus

Shein's remarkable success in the fast fashion industry can be largely attributed to its highly efficient supply chain management system. The ecosystem includes hundreds of manufacturers, together forming a reliable and diversified community that is primarily sorted by their own flexibility and their delivery speed and characteristics. Keeping a close communication with the suppliers is all it takes to maintain the vast selection of fashion products that Shein translates into its huge inventory. In the same vein, the company sharply monitors the performance of the weak supplier and takes off poor performance providers to set the standard guidelines. Shein, being a crucial part of its supply chain to be able to produce and deliver clothes with the seasonal trend not only locally, but all around the world.

On-Demand Strategy Minimizes Waste

When you open its gates to the public, simply turn on the lights depending on which ones – 1, 2, or 3 – are on display. In the opposite of the fashion model of most ready-to-wear, the company manufactures the items in small batches by listening to the customer. Read more-