Escape In Night Lahore in Pakistan

Introducing Escape In Night by Fragrance Studio, an alluring scent crafted in homage to the irresistible allure of Hugo Boss Bottled Night. This fragrance encapsulates the epitome of masculinity and refinement, enveloping you in an intoxicating veil of mystery and sophistication.

At its first breath, Escape In Night unveils a vivacious symphony of fresh citrus essences, with lively bursts of lemon and crisp apple dancing upon the senses, instantly awakening and invigorating. As the fragrance evolves, notes of aromatic lavender and spicy cardamom gracefully emerge, weaving intricate layers of depth and allure into the blend. The harmonious fusion of these exquisite elements yields a fragrance that exudes both boldness and refinement, tailored for the modern gentleman who effortlessly embodies confidence and charisma.