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Hepatitis testing centre in Amritsar

The first step in preventing hepatitis is to keep informed about everything there is to know about it. And it starts with understanding its symptoms. The most frequent symptom reported... Read More

Best Pathology Blood Test Lab in Amritsar

Lab tests are the most critical factor in determining anyone's health. Being the right hand of the Indian healthcare sector, Yuvraj Path Labs provides highly qualified doctors and all types... Read More

Full body checkup in Amritsar – Yuvraj Lab

A whole-body check-up is important for an assesses the body's main functions and organs because it's like a preparation for an error-free system. A whole-body check-up includes Hemograms, Blood sugar,... Read More

Path Labs in Amritsar – Yuvraj lab

Yuvraj Labs is a professional medical path lab in Amritsar, that provides a wide range of laboratory test services related to the diagnosis, and analysis of blood, urine, and tissue... Read More

HIV Testing Centre in Amritsar

Nowadays new cases of HIV are transmitted to people who don't know that they have the virus. Testing is the first step in preventing HIV transmission. In the HIV test,... Read More

Food Allergy Test in Amritsar – Yuvraj Lab

The common food allergy symptoms are tingling or itching in the mouth, swelling on the face, throat, or other parts of the body, wheezing, nasal congestion or trouble breathing, abdominal... Read More