Author: Alfaisal

Master of Engineering & Systems Management (MEM) | Graduate Program

The main focus of Alfaisal University's M.S. curriculum is Saudi Arabia's potential for advanced jobs. The Engineering & Systems Management program's objective is to develop early- to mid-career technical workers... Read More

Master of Clinical Speech Language Pathology (MSP) | Graduate Program

Recent significant developments in the understanding of the molecular mechanics of virus replication, virus disease pathogenesis, the generation of new viruses, and the health hazards that they present have been... Read More

Master of Clinical Psychology (MCP) | Graduate Program

The subject area of clinical psychology is dedicated to the identification and management of emotional, mental, and behavioural disorders. The broad field of psychology encompasses study and comprehension of the... Read More

Master of Cardiac Nursing (MCN) | Graduate Program

Postgraduate nurses can advance their careers while receiving leadership opportunities, educational opportunities, and role models through the Master of Science in Cardiac Nursing programme. Vision 2030, the country's transformational plan,... Read More

Laboratory Quality Management (LQM) | Master of Biomedical Sciences

Because it makes test findings available to patients, which is crucial for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of disorders, laboratory quality management (LQM) is significant in clinical... Read More

Transfusion Medicine & Stem Cells (MBS) | Graduate School

Students can learn about the role of blood and blood components in human disease in the Transfusion Medicine & Stem Cells (MBS) course. Candidates have a promising future because transfusion... Read More

Molecular & Cell Biology (MBS) | Microbiology

Recent advances in the fields of molecular and cell biology have significantly impacted the research of virus structure, molecular mechanisms of virus reproduction, virus disease pathogenesis, the creation of new... Read More

Infection Control (MBS) | Alfaisal University

Specialists in infection control and prevention (ICP) in the region are represented by the Alfaisal University for Infection Prevention and Control (AUIPC). Important practitioners and decision-makers in the fields of... Read More

Clinical Embryology & Reproductive Biology (MBS)

Graduate-level research and training possibilities are provided by the Clinical Embryology and Reproductive Biology (MBS) programme with top researchers. The Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program creates a distinctive, cutting-edge learning environment... Read More

Clinical Anatomy (MBS) | MBS Anatomy

To aid the next wave of health science educators, the Clinical Anatomy (MBS) programme was created. To learn about the concepts and procedures of medical education, students participate in research... Read More