Apply Latisse Eyelash Serum 0.03% for treatment of Eyelash Hypotrichosis problem

Lily was a fashion YouTube blogger and it was very important for her to look presentable at all point of time. With a decent number of subscribers and views, she started received many projects with fashion houses and her most of the time was spent in meetings, creating content etc. During this hectic schedule, she did not realize how much things were changing for her personally. She had started developing dark circles around her eyes. She was stressed out and mostly exhausted. During one of the event, her makeup lady informed her about eyelashes which seemed to be lesser than previous times. Lily got surprised and really concerned about her sudden loss of lashes and post event she went to her local pharmacy and asked for Bimatoprost. Lily was aware of the medication through a friend who used it earlier when she faced the problem of Eyelash Hypotrichosis. However, the pharmacist asked Lily not to buy this medicine as according to him the medicine causes the adverse effect and may lead to blindness. Pharmacist warned her that medication is not recommended and should not use as it has caused many problems to people. Lily tried explaining how her friend had used the medicine earlier but the pharmacist made her read about the instruction printed on booklet to avoid the various side effects. Lily was somehow little doubtful after reading the instructions and dropped the idea of buying it. However, her dilemma continued as her eyelashes have really gone thin and she was losing her lashes day by day. Being on camera was her job and her looks really mattered. She started using fake lenses but that did not satisfy her for long. Lily started to research on her own about the effect of this medicine and learnt that the medication if used properly and as instructed do not cause any problem and helps in improving the growth.